Why you should consider Organizing a Retreat in Phuket with THAE RETREATS

Calling Out ALL YOGA Teachers and Centres!!!

Running yoga retreats requires marketing, development, communication between staff, cleaning and preparing yoga props and spaces, hiring and paying yoga instructors and so much more.


We believe in Creating breathtaking quiet and inspiring yoga sanctuaries for the sake of Balance, Beauty and Peace;

We believe in Investing in working with Thai Professionals and consuming fresh organic Local Goods towards creating a sustainable yoga community both locally and internationally;

We believe in Creating unique and dynamic options for retreaters so they leave with a powerful, holistic travel, yoga and culinary experience, that will surely make you stand out in the crowd;

We believe in Teams that believe in their yoga program, for that is vital for success as they become the primary marketers both onsite, off-site and online. If they love the yoga and wellness programs we’re creating, so will your Guests;.

We provide the Villa, Airport Transfers, local transport, ALL INCLUSIVE deals with in-house Chef and professional Staff, all Yoga Props (Blocks, Straps, Mats and Bolsters) essential for your Guests to feel Safe, Supported and Comfortable.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-21 at 17.06.46

We are way far from the fantasy of making millions off Yoga Retreats (and that’s not our main Focus)! But we surely are committed to dedicating effort and work to outline the costs required for Top Luxury Accommodation, Food and Entertainment for your Yoga groups of 10, 15 or 20 Guests and calculate the mark-up you should include in the price to pay out the deserved compensation for your hard work

Having someone on board to devote time to this is essential in taking your program to the global public.

Contact me for a chat about all services available. We aim to work with Resorts, Spas, Hotels and Wellness Centres across the globe to inspire, evolve and market yoga and wellness programs. Feel free to reach out to me filling the Form below. I will get back to you shortly with your complimentary Thâe  Retreats Development consult.

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Easy Online Contact Form for Professionals

Email: thaeretreats@gmail.com




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