How’s your “waking up” process?

Throughout my life I’ve had different occupations and jobs and all had cray schedules, not quite the 9 to 5, Monday to Friday life.

I remember being very young and waking up like snapping out of hypnosis, Bam! My mind would start functioning in full power, sometimes too fast to react or make sense even.

Nowadays I still wake up like a 60’s exorcism movie, eyes wide open and a poker face (guess I’ll be sleeping alone for a while after this confession) but my mind wakes up smoothly and doesn’t start flying out with the fairies anymore.

First thing I do is turn the kettle on and go to the balcony to stretch. Since I’ve started stretching my body kindly and respectfully every morning, I feel I sleep better and my waking up process is becoming one of the most enjoyable moments of the day.

Bare in mind that I was a difficult child to put to sleep. I hated sleeping! Hyper active they call it now. I would be knocked out and struggling to keep my eyes open.

I wonder now if it wasn’t because waking up was so hard… so confusing…

Tell me about you, comment 🙂

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