A Mosquito, My Libido…

Having a balanced libido is imperative if you quest for body and soul awareness.

People tend to forget about their libido. If your body asks for sexual healing, then you better listen to it and obey blindly because lack of libido is a very depressive disease. So when you feel those rashes of heat crawling up your cervical, that wish to touch and feel another body, that connection, that craving for energetic bond, let it flow and enjoy. Don’t hold it in.

Touch yourself. Discover the wonders of your own body. Shamelessly. With Love.

Surround yourself with beauty and comfort, a good soundtrack and away from judgments and stalking eyes.

Believe or not, this personal awareness and relationship with yourself serves as a shield in times of trouble, specially in Ego issues.

Learning more about yourself as an Instinctive Animal will help you understand how others Feel and React and Need, and it helps to be more allowing and understanding towards others.

I was reading a blog about “When You Outgrow People And Situations” and Victoria says something that I relate to quite a lot these days:

“(…)I no longer suffer when someone leaves my life. I know who the most important people in my life are. The ones I want around me forever. As long as they are still here with me, everyone else is ready to leave, because they are just episodes. They are just lessons and experiences life has sent us. And if we part ways, we are probably the same experience to them. (…)”

When you Know yourself and others better, you Trust. You Trust what Life has for you and you follow blindly the flow of your own energy.

It’s the “Maybe’s” that hold us back… isn’t the fear of loss holding us back from experiences that will make us Grow and Learn and Live?

When was the last time you’ve chosen to follow your Libido regardless of what your Conscious Mind told you? And what was the outcome?

Please Comment 🙂 I’d Love to Learn with your Experience.

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