When was the last time you and your partner were in the same Mindset?

It has been proven that by participating in Retreats, you will achieve far more progress than you would in month’s of weekly couples counseling. Not at all diminishing the fantastic work Therapists develop, we work close to them as well, but only for the fact that the process takes place outside your Daily Routine.

Thâe Retreats is a customized individual Couples retreat which will change your life forever.

The Nature and Beautiful Environment of the Villa Mihn and Villa Sawarin we have chosen for the Next Retreats in Phuket, Thailand is alone an incredible trigger to opening and accepting each other, for it’s relaxing and worry free characteristics.

Couples Retreat Body and Soul Experiences for Lovers

Any relationship takes work and so does this retreat, but we do our best to make the whole process fun and enjoyable and we’ve added the touch of Luxury every Dream Holiday shares. Besides the detailed program and rituals, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy long aromatic herbal baths with incredible views of the Andaman Sea, chill by the pool with the only worry of choosing which Cocktail to ask for, a Full Day Out Journey to Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island on a Private Sailing Boat, fully catered and equipped with paddle boards, kayaks and snorkeling gear.

Picture this: Beginners AcroYoga on the beach while the sun is setting on the horizon reflecting the Lime Rock’s on the calm bay waters. Romantic isn’t it?

Although we can’t guarantee that you will stay together, at least this couple retreat will help you gain more respect and understanding for each other so that if you do have to break up, at least you will be able to do it in an amicable way. You will certainly learn lots of tips and also what it means to be in a relationship and this knowledge may help you save you Energy and Heartbreaks and to have a good life for yourselves, regardless if You are Alone or with Someone Special.

Let this be the vacation that changed your life and which strengthened your relationship.


Click here to know more about our Next Retreats in July and August in Phuket, Thailand


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