Going BANANAS !!!

Our new venue has a massive traveler’s banana tree in the centre of the grass garden. The name comes after its amazing ability of rolling the leaves into a cone shape so it gathers water for the delight of birds, small squirts, snakes and Man travelling the jungles of South East Asia.

Buddha has blessed the Land with good weather and good soil so this “fan of green love” is growing Out of Control, blocking the sun and keeping the grass too moist to the point it is turning yellowish…

I have never taken care of a tree this big so I went on Pinterest to search for clues on how to keep it healthy but contained!

While searching I came across the incredible healing properties of using its leaves. Great! Here are some changes I made to my daily life using banana leaves:

  • Goodbye tin foil! Banana leaves can go up to high temperatures without burning and while they are not easy to digest if eaten directly, the food absorbs the polyphenols from the leaves, so that you get the benefit of the nutrition.
  • Goodbye clean film! Wrap it in banana leaf! It is also believed that the leaf has anti-bacterial properties that kill all the germs in the food, thereby reducing the chances of you falling sick;
  • Individual table tops: no more washing and scrubbing bamboo or wicker with dried rice and sauce. Rinse the banana leaf after every meal and done, ready!
  • Goodbye small dishes that pile up in the sink! I cut the banana leaves in squares and use them as a platter dish or roll them into a cone shape for popcorn and cereal snacks and sauces.
  • Body Spa Treatment: Turmeric body mask and Banana Leaf body wrap (15minutes in the blazing sunshine) followed by a Coffee Scrub detox shower prepares my body for a healthy sun tan, moisturized and hydrated, feeling soft like thai silk.

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