Our Retreats take place in exquisite Villas in the biggest island of Thailand, Phuket.

Phuket Island in South Thailand remains the most popular tropical holiday destination in South East Asia. A rare combination of warm sunny weather, equally warm h
ospitality, perfect beaches, culinary and cultural delights, and modern facilities, offering unique experiences for Guests of all styles, from all around the World.

Here, Architecture respects Mother Nature and the Western Comfort blends smoothly with the Asian Luxurious Details, creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the Balance of Yin and Yang.


The Villas sit on secluded locations
with breathtaking views of the Mountains and the Andaman Sea.

Our Guests may enjoy the Privacy of
the ensuite rooms (single or double) with cloudy white King Size Beds and air-conditioner.


Our Team of Professional Thai Therapists will be available for a Morning Energy Boost Massage and a Relaxing Massage in the Evening.From Breakfast to Late Night munchies, your desires will be answered by the inhouse International Chef.

It’s One Unforgettable Experience!

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