3 Day Getaway

Inner Tourist WEEKEND Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal – Christmas 2019

Preparing the Future You – 2020 Best Version of Yourself!

3 days Getaway in sunny Portugal following a fun relaxed program designed to Boost Creativity, to support your New Year’s introspection and tease your senses through workshops and activities that will challenge your cognitive mind to discovering new perspectives of reality and hidden personal skills!

This Getaway is designed to enhance all your senses!

Workshops, exquisite gastronomic delights and a great “homey” atmosphere so typical of the Portuguese will be the stage of a personal journey through Scent, Touch, Palate, Vision and Sound.

We were born in the cusp of the Yin Era, the Age of Aquarius, the transition from Masculine times to Feminine times where Competition looses strength giving way to Cooperation, Power and Control fade away to see the rising of Respect and Understanding as our Core Value.

What our Parents taught us doesn’t serve us anymore, or them for that matter, and we work everyday to Shine this new Light, this new World we see in our daily Dreams, to our Elders and Children.

We grew up focused on « learning to be better » believing that our only obstacle were the Others, the Competition, constantly comparing and put in check before our fellow Humans. Times have changed and we are learning and adapting to what is surging from the deepest lakes of our Subconscious, listening to our inner self more than to structure, rules and norms.

We are all together. The Life Journey is personal and inside each one of us, it can only be lived in Cooperation and not a competition.

Develop your Senses, Open up to a new World, Discover a new You

When was the last time you left yourself behind for a while…?

We chose this incredible venue because of its secluded location and harmonious interaction with Nature.

It is in the middle of a hillside of cork oak that emerge 8 houses suspended, all of them in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Completely integrated into the landscape, in each of the houses guests are transported to a distinctive environment, but with a common denominator: the forest scenery and rural environment where the green is torn by the dotted line of cows, horses and gamos, on a property of 60 hectares.

Endowed with a natural beauty and landscape of great attractiveness, the whole property was converted to organic mode of production in 2004.

A space of discovery and re-encounters with country life, a small paradise at the gates of Lisbon only for those who demand the best.

The clear blue skies and sunny winter days illuminate the green valleys that head to the Atlantic, the breeze shares the scent of eucalyptus and lavender with glimpses of what it’s most likely to be Magic being made in someone’s granny’s kitchen.

27 – 30 December 2019

Arrival: Lisbon International Airport

After Booking, we will meet in a Live Online Coach Session to define your needs and expectation and sketch your weekend.

(3 p.m.) arrival: 27th Dec. (Dinner included)

28th – 29th Dec. (Yoga, Brunch, Workshops, Dinner)

(12 p.m.) departure: 30th (Yoga, Brunch)

Weekend getaway schedule

3 Nights Hotel accommodation

  • 8:00 a.m. Morning Yoga and Meditation with Music (special Office Yoga and Facial Yoga)
  • 10:30 a.m. Buffet Brunch
  • 3:00 p.m. Creativity Boost Workshop – Traditional Portuguese techniques – creating with raw materials / Self Branding Workshop – Creating a commercial image
  • 5:30 p.m. Wine tasting workshop / Hiking
  • 8:00 p.m. Dinner Party – Dress Code: “Come as your Future Self in 3 Years”

Inner Tourist Gift Basket

(Yoga Mat, Flip Flops, Essential Oils, Note Book and Pen)

40 minutes Holistic Coaching Session – Preparation

40 minutes Holistic Coaching Session – Follow up

Join us this Christmas in beautiful Portugal, land of strong energies and adventurous souls, and take home your Future Self – the best version of You.

Prices start at 660€ in shared room

Prices start at Single 880€ / double 1300 – Private